Rock-a-Thon Donation


Rock-a-Thon Donation


Please choose a donation level.  If you wish to make a donation of a different amount than those listed below, please go to the STORE page, and select Rock-a-Thon CUSTOM Donation Amount.

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Raise $50=Students must raise at least $50 to gain entry to the Rock-a-Thon event

Raise $75=Participate in the Wii Tournament

Raise $150=ONE Pie-in-the-Face for Mrs. Bingham

Raise $200=TWO Pies-in-the-Face for Mrs. Bingham

Raise $250=THREE Pies-in-the-Face for Mrs. Bingham

A paper permission form will be provided to students in class. This form will allow the student to choose various items, such as whether they wish to participate in Mario Cart or Smash Brothers if they qualify for the Wii Tournament.

Cumulative donations for each student will be tracked and reported to students on a weekly basis, so that they know where they stand on earnings. Please email Kristin Spake at with questions.

Additional information

Donation Level

$10, $20, $30, $40, $50-Minimum Amount Required for Entry to RAT, $75-Entry to RAT plus Wii Tournament, $100, $150-Pie Mrs. Bingham, 1 Pie, $200-Pie Mrs. Bingham, 2 Pies, $250-Pie Mrs. Bingham, 3 Pies

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